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As of our “Democratizing Engieering Education All Over the World” Initiative, we are  offering Ultra Low Cost and  FREE Courses on Civil Engineering/Structural Engineering at Udemy and We have number of Engineering Tutorials at YouTube: SoftTech Youtube Channel !

Join Our Online Courses [2 Online Courses are available at our Udemy Channel]:

1. AutoCAD-2019 for Beginner: Learn and Eearn with AutoCAD Design Skills: $9.99 Course Join Link (Click here) or use Coupon Code: AUTOCAD9.99
2. AutoCAD 3D Modeling Course for Beginner: FREE Course-Join the course (Click here)

More Details of the Course:

1. AutoCAD-2019 for Beginner: Learn and Earn with AutoCAD 2D and 3D Skills
Join the Course at Ultra Low Cost with this link: bit.ly/AutoCAD_Udemy

After completing this Course , you will be able to have skills on AutoCAD 2018 & 2019 for 2D Design and 3D Modeling.

You will also learn “How to earn $300/month*+ with the AutoCAD Design Skills, Practice the 3 Storey Building Project, Get the 3 Storey Building Design Project in DWG File, Learn the 3D Modeling with Project’s”.
2. AutoCAD 3D Modeling Course for Beginner- FREE at Udemy
-Learn the AutoCAD 3D Modeling from Scratch with Real time project

After Completing this “AutoCAD 3D Modeling Course” , you will be able to:

Understand the 3D modeling basics, Graphical User Interface (GUI) of AutoCAD 3D, Model the real time project (Water Tank), Ready for working on 3D Modeling Project and get the DWG File of the Real time project(Water Tank) of this Course.

Goto Course and Join it: Course Link


More Udemy Courses and YouTube Tutorials  are  LIVE at Udemy and YouTube!

We have 50+ YouTube Video Tutorials on: AutoCAD 2D, 3D, Adding Formulas, attaching PDF on AutoCAD, Attaching the Excel Sheet ,Block and Attribute, Points and Revision Clouds, Annotation , function Keys F1 to F12 and AutoCAD Useful Commands,Trimming, Extending, Drawing with Grid, Mirror, Stretch and Lengthen command, Creating and Importing LAS Files. etc.

Visit the youtube Channel: SoftTech Youtube


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