Links and References for Engineering Training and Skill based programs,

We have Launch the Online Course on “AutoCAD for Engineers: Learn and Earn with AutoCAD Design Skills” and “AutoCAD 3D Modeling Course for Beginner”.

For more details about this course, Visit: Our Online courses Page


More Udemy Courses and YouTube Tutorials  are  LIVE at Udemy and YouTube!

We have 50+ Video Tutorials on: AutoCAD 2D, 3D, Adding Formulas, attaching PDF on AutoCAD, Attaching the Excel Sheet ,Block and Attribute, Points and Revision Clouds, Annotation , function Keys F1 to F12 and AutoCAD Useful Commands etc.

Visit the youtube Channel: SoftTech Youtube

More Tutorials on: Trimming, Extending, Drawing with Grid, Mirror, Stretch and Lengthen command, Creating and Importing LAS Files.

Visit the youtube Channel: SoftTech Youtube

Some of the Clips:

1.  Status Bar on AutoCAD: Drawing with Grid.

We are updating more resources on our website!