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AutoCAD Tutorial Series: Live Now

Learn AutoCAD [2D Design & 3D Modeling] with SoftTech Academy

Our Tutorial Series on AutoCAD [2D Design to 3D Modeling] is now live at Youtube. We have prepared the tutorial series from very basic to the advance design [Complete 3 Storey Building Design] and 3D Modeling of 3 Storey Building.

Here is the AutoCAD Design Tutorial Series Playlist Video & Link:

Some Important Session of this Tutorial Series:

1. Importing and Creating LAS File on AutoCAD

2. Points and Revision Clouds

3.  Mirror, Stretch and Lengthen Command

4.  Use of Function Key from F1 to F12

5.  Useful Commands of AutoCAD

6.  Annotation on AutoCAD: Single Line Text

Here is the Picture of our Yourtube Channel Videos: